• 12 1-hour sessions over 1 year (12 months)


    • Two 1-hour anytime sessions

    • Energy Manipulation Course Access

    • Energy Protection Class

This is a 12-month intensive 1:1 program that includes access to a community of like-minded mentees looking to master their energy. It also includes access to some of my most popular courses.

Total value: $10,997

Register now for: $2,997


Whether in need of spiritual guidance or healing, I am here to provide. I want to be your tool, the key in your pocket that helps open the doors of possibility around you. The lantern shining on the signs in your path. During these sessions, we will talk about what it is you seek and I will provide suggestions of which of my services seem best for you. From there, we agree upon and move forward with what we decide.

Cost: $100


With the aid of both Tarot and Oracle cards, this 1-on-1 session is your time to find guidance. This can mean help in receiving a message from the universe, an inquiry into specific situations, or a spiritual check in with yourself from a different perspective. We all have our questions, but you’ll be shocked to find how close-by the answers can be. These sessions are usually between 30 and 45 minutes long. They are usually done over Google Meets though you can message me if you would prefer to do it via Zoom, by phone, or through some other method.

Cost: $40

NOTE: Many times during a session, I receive communications from the universe to transmit to you. This may include a video, audio, or written message after the session. I include this at no additional charge.