Hi I’m Eric Otvos!

I’m a loving energy force full of passion, whimsy, and reverence.

I’m happy and mysterious with a hint of adventure.

I have enough boldness to harness the lead to guide you but paternal and humbly heroic enough to push you ever so gently.

I have the ability to see through the physical and into your magical inner core that reveals your beauty deep inside. I can see and feel the light and energy inside you. This allows me to help you explore and interact with it. You can become playful with your energy. Just like the time a day or the weather that's ever-changing and full of intrinsic beauty that works in harmony to create change, I help you connect with your natural being- both inward and outward physically and emotionally.

When you're truly ready and open to change, looking for guidance to be able to connect and explore your magic, I will gently guide and teach you through a unique process I’ve developed. You must be serious about healing, open-minded, and open-hearted. You must be willing to be playful, raw, and vulnerable to break through the traditional and open your world of possibilities.

This sense of openness will allow change that would not have happened naturally.

I am a generational energy worker. Having grown up in the realm of energy mediumship, tarot reading, crystal healing, elemental readings, and psychic abilities, I've harnessed a unique set of gifts and talents to teach others.

Growing up with these non-traditional skills proved to be a bit of a challenge that made relationships difficult but I knew from an early age that I wanted to be able to use my unique gifts, upbringing, and education to change the way energy work is viewed.

I’m on a journey to help control and challenge energy and the idea of producing a feeling - of good energy health.

My mission is to teach you how to go inward and find your magic- whatever that may be.

I envision a world full of energy positivity, soul and heart healing, psychic knowledge, and other realm comfortability among those who seek other alternatives to healing. I’ve spent several lifetimes cultivating healing for you- because you exist, I am here.

My vision is to teach the practice of self-observance, self-acceptance, and self-perception so you can understand the world around you more deeply. My hope is to teach you to interact with energy both emotionally and physically.

I value compassion, integrity, knowledge, trust, and holism both personally and professionally. You’ll see these values throughout my work and interactions with me whether through a session, course, or product.


"If you are looking to connect subliminally with mindfulness and self-awareness and put your inner energy to work both emotionally and physically, Eric will help you interact and play with your energy."

“Working with someone like Eric steps outside of your comfort zone and it first maybe a bit challenging but just like a beautiful old red oak tree with its hardwood and beautiful twists and turns, it produces the most beautiful results. He’s a wise mature and old soul.”

“His knowledge is staggering and a bit overwhelming to those unfamiliar with this world. His patience and presence are immediately felt and his energy exudes through time and space.”


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