Units Included:

  • Spacial awareness

  • Ability to be realm aware

  • How to focus and not overthink

  • How to accept gifts and stop mental stress

  • Understanding of the world around you

  • Your role in the energy realm

  • What you can’t do with energy

  • How to go inward harness the gift and use them outwardly

Total value: $2,997


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This course is designed to go over the most basic forms and practices of Energy Protection, the pros and cons of each method, and ways to be more proactive and educated in choosing the methods you wish to use for Energy Protection.

Of the most fundamental skills an energy-sensitive individual must learn, the ability to Protect one’s own and Protect with one’s own energy is vital. For wellness and security, it’s important to know the basic parts of the skill to better be able to use it. The class also includes a guided hands on portion to give you a better sense of the skill, how to do it, and how to better evaluate protective methods of your own.


This course is about asking yourself questions regarding your energy health.

To find patterns and observe the changes in sensation when in the presence of negative or stuck energy and some tools to find methods that help rebalance yourself. Whether that means keeping a journal or taking mental note, it’s important to be aware of our energy from day to day. By doing so, you learn more deeply about you, your reaction to different environments and events, and things to more specifically protect against or in some cases avoid.


This course is designed to lay out the patterns in intuitive and psychic gifts as well as help ask yourself questions about patterns in things you have a sense for.

Intuition is our way of guiding ourselves through life, usually through the avenues of things we notice about the world around us. Some have a sense for direction, some for spirits, and others for food. By learning to be aware of when and for what our intuition kicks in, it can be honed and trained into an even more reliable guiding force.