I want to help you.
Whoever you are, you found me or sought me out. That alone makes me want to help, to guide you to answers, to help heal your hurt.

But that isn’t always possible. Being passionate about working with people who are in turmoil, means not everyone can afford methods that don’t fall into the traditional categories.

I offer scholarships to help those who can not momentarily afford a service. And not unlike you, I am not alone. The applications that are sent in are evaluated not only by myself but by friends and colleagues as well, some of whom have agreed to join me in the Light Into Darkness program.

If I cannot help you then I can recommend you to one of them and they will. It’s not possible for any small group to help the masses alone, certainly not in something so personalized as this work. But for those that we can help,
we would love nothing more than to be a light into the darkness for you.

Scholarships are by application only.
I offer up to 6 a year. March 1, May 1, July 1, September 1, November 1, and January 1.

Candidate selection is done by a panel of peers and chose based on the applicants’ entry submission and intuitive gifts from the panel.

Scholarship award amount and/or service is at the sole discretion of EO.


  1. Fill out an application

  2. Submit required documentation

If there are no applicants for a given scholarship date, the opportunity may be given to anyone of EO choosing at his sole discretion. The scholarship does not require to be utilized.

Application deadlines 11:59 pm ET on perspective days

  • Scholarship award January 1 application deadline November 30

  • Scholarship award March 1 application deadline January 30

  • Scholarship award May 1 application deadline April 30

  • Scholarship award July 1 application deadline May 30

  • Scholarship award September 1 application deadline July 30

  • Scholarship award November 1 application deadline September 30